The Pursuit of Drive to Stay Alive is to put an end to distracting driving for North America, and support the victims that have already been affected by this tragic epidemic. The Drive to Stay Alive campaign targets students looking to acquire their license and young adults with only a few years of driving experience. The campaign presents the dangers of distracted driving, incorporating all aspects of distracted driving including texting.    

distracted driving based crashes every year

Times More Likely to be in a Accident While Distracted Driving

texting and driving based crashes every year

teen deaths every day from texting and driving

Injuries (per year) while texting and driving

times more dangerous than drinking and driving





Lots of fun today presenting @drivetostaylive to the students and staff at @StJosephRD this morning. What a beautiful new school that @rdcrs has brought to Red Deer! 📚

Today we had the pleasure of presenting the dangers of distracted driving to many of @parkertracing’s former teachers and their students at @StJosephRD! 🚘📵 We would like to thank @rdcrs for all of the support of Parker and his endeavors on and off the track!

@drivetostaylive @parkertracing @WestlandIns Parker: this is my nephews school. He was so impressed today that you presented to him and he got your autograph. Know your influence is far reaching. You’re an amazing young man.

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As a professional race car driver, Parker Thompson understands the importance of staying focused behind the wheel. Drive to Stay Alive has developed an engaging 1-hour presentation that examines the necessity of using that same focus in our everyday driving.

“In racing, I know that taking my attention off the track for even a second can have serious consequences, and it’s no different when driving on our roads and highways. By educating a new generation of North Americans about the dangers of distracted driving, we can prevent a lot of collisions before they happen.”