About Drive to Stay Alive

As a young and upcoming world-class professional race car driver, Parker Thompson knows full attention is critical whenever he is behind the wheel at any race track. The 20-year-old also knows a split-second mistake because of inattentiveness can turn tragic on a public roadway, and that is what motivated him to initiate Drive to Stay Alive in 2015.

“In racing, I know that taking my attention off the track for even a second can have serious consequences, and it’s no different when driving on our roads and highways. By educating a new generation of North Americans about the dangers of distracted driving, we can prevent a lot of collisions before they happen.”
-Parker Thompson

Drive to Stay Alive’s pursuit is to put an end to distracting driving for North America, and support the victims that have already been affected by this tragic epidemic. The Drive to Stay Alive campaign targets students looking to acquire their license and young adults with only a few years of driving experience. The campaign presents the dangers of distracted driving, incorporating all aspects of distracted driving including texting.

The goal of the Drive to Stay Alive campaign is to diminish the amount of distracted driving currently taking place on roads across North America. Our main focus point of the campaign is targeting Canadian communities, but the campaign also has an International presence with our USA Tour aligned with Parker Thompson’s race schedule. Since our inception we’ve directly spoken to over 100,000 students and staff across North America on the dangers of distracted driving.

Our solution to putting an end to distracted driving is by educating the teens that have just received their license and those within a few years of receiving their driving license. We are going to tackle a new generation of drivers with an effective and engaging one-hour presentation. We will be educating the youth with some practical ideas on how to avoid distractions while driving. This is an age group that will be taught the repercussions of distracted driving before they even get behind the wheel and develop bad habits. Through our age specific presentations, and Parker Thompson’s speaking skills and background in Motorsport, we are very optimistic that distracted driving will be juristically reduced.

“With my recent experience in high school graduating in 2016, I know what kind of other presentations are out there delivering messages to schools. I promised myself when I started Drive to Stay Alive that I would make this presentation something that could actually keep me interested. I knew that if it could keep my own attention, it would have a great chance of keeping high schools across the nation engaged for an hour. Not only do teens learn about the dangers of distracted driving in an interactive environment, they also have fun in the process.”
-Parker Thompson

In partnership with our sponsor All Service Insurance, we are offering the Parent/Teen Driving Contract. This is a simple form that you and your parent or teen can simply complete as a promise to each other to practice safe driving habits.

About Parker

Parker Thompson was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta and got behind the wheel of his first kart at the age of eight at the Calgary Kart Racing Club. Thompson’s decorated career started out as a pass time he shared with his father racing out of the back of the family half ton truck in Calgary. No one knew that Parker’s extreme passion for all things loud and fast would turn him into a championship-winning fixture in many of the world’s top racing events.

Thompson produced one of the most successful kart racing careers in North American history. Highlighted by being ranked third in the world at the age of 13, and moving by himself to Italy at the age of 14 to compete for the European title. Thompson has carried his immense passion and success into professional motorsports. Every level of motorsports that Thompson has been given an opportunity in, he has produced wins in. At just 20 and only four years into racing Formula Cars, Parker already holds the record for most wins (7) in the Canadian F1600 Super Series Championship, along with the title. Parker has also racked up numerous wins and poles on the Mazda Road to Indy, the official feeder series to Indycar. His most notable performances have come in 2018, as a rookie to the Pro Mazda Championship. The young man from Red Deer battled the odds on a very tight budget and came away with a tally of 3 wins, 6 podiums, 3 poles, 4 fastest race laps, 3 track records and Vice Champion of the Pro Mazda series.

On and off the track, Thompson demonstrates what it means to be a professional. Parker is entering his fourth year running Drive to Stay Alive, a campaign he created to combat texting and driving. Since the campaign’s inception, Thompson has spoken to well over 100,000 High School student across North America on the dangers of distracted driving. In the process Parker has become one of the most sought after public speakers in Canada, conveying his message on the dangers of distracted driving from coast to coast.

With all of these accolades combined, it makes Thompson one of the most successful up and coming racecar drivers Canada has ever produced.

In the Community

Parker Thompson, international race car driver and multiple race winner in the USF2000 Mazda Road to Indy series, was presented with the Mayor’s Award for Community Building in Red Deer, Alberta on June 9, 2016. The well-deserved award was given to Parker from Mayor Tara Veer and the City of Red Deer for his dedication in helping young drivers in Canada understand the dangers of distracted driving through his Drive to Stay Alive educational campaign.

Parker has made it his mission to travel all over Canada and the U.S. speaking to students about the dangers of distracted driving.  Parker speaks proudly of his connections with Central Alberta bringing his enthusiasm and concern for teen drivers to all of his presentations. If you know of a high school or conference that would like to have Parker speak about the dangers of distracted driving, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.