As a young and upcoming world-class professional race car driver, Parker Thompson knows full attention is critical whenever he is behind the wheel at any race track.

The 17-year-old also knows a split-second mistake can turn tragic on a public roadway, and he was in West Vancouver on Thursday talking to the district’s high school students about the deadly consequences of distracted driving.

A USF 2000 Championship driver under contract with JDC Motorsport, the Red Deer, Alta., native is on tour to promote another important endeavor in his life.
It’s the #DriveToStayAlive campaign he launched and is promoting across the country to spell out the deadly or life-changing results brutally handed to teens when they text or talk on a cellphone while driving. With hopes to one day driving elite formula race cars, Thompson easily strikes a chord with the teens who are his age and very active on social media.

“I need your help,” he told the West Vancouver Secondary School students.
The high-performance 170 horsepower cars he races can hit speeds of 250 km/h, but even there Thompson feels it is safer than the public roads………